Online Gambling Tips


Gambling Tips for Online Casino Players

Whatever your favoured casino games, gaming needs and preferences are, it is essential that when you play on line you play at safe and trusted online casinos.

Finding good, trusted online casinos, not only ensures a good online gaming experience, but also means you’re all your personal and banking details will be protected whilst you play.

Many less experienced players believe there are hardly any online casinos out there which are fully reliable and often ask ‘’can online casinos be trusted?’’

The answer of course is – YES!

As long as you stay vigilant and don’t give in to carelessness then you will find, like in any other business, many completely legitimate, safe and trusted online casinos.

Care does have to be taken however, as there are inevitably some that are less than reputable.

These, online casinos are either ‘on the make’ and deliberately misleading players to get hold of their hard-earned cash.

Or, they simply cut corners in order to save themselves money and that way, they inadvertently create issues for players because they don’t protect their data the way they are supposed to.

Both of these are undeniably dangers, but, luckily there are ways to find a good, reliable and trustworthy online casino.

An online casino which both offers and provides its players with a fantastic selection of games and all the safety measures needed to properly protect all their personal information.

Regardless of where a player first learns about a certain casino, be it via an advertisement, in a magazine, or, on the Internet, keeping an eye out for some specific features can be invaluable.

Once you are aware of these, they can inform and assure you that you’ll have a good, safe gaming experience, or not, at a specific site.

This is something which is not only a useful tool in any online casino players kit but also an important one.

And – It’s one which we intend to provide you with here on this page.

Can Online Casinos Be Trusted – And What to look for?

Gambling Tips – Legislation

The Law

Something which is an important part of the process, when looking for safe, trusted online casinos is to check on the legal situation of the country in which the casino is based.

It’s ill advised to play at an online casino which is established in a country where the legal situation regarding online casinos is set against them.

Players should also always check to see if the casino they have their heart set on, is fully licensed.

In order to be all approved and legal, all online casinos need to have an up to date license, given to them by an accredited gaming authority.

Typically, online casinos are regulated by a certain authoritative body of the country’s government.

Their job, is to regulate the gambling market there in that country.

Most regulated countries have quite strict gaming laws, when it comes to online casinos.

Legislation is there to help protect players and to ensure that casinos who do not behave ethically, are answerable to those laws.

This gives players the opportunity to enter into a legal claim against a casino if it’s needed.

Generally, it is in any good, licensed, online casinos best interests to have a fully transparent policy regarding their Games, Bonuses, Promotions, Customer Service, and their deposits and withdrawals policy.

These open, transparent casinos usually list their licensing jurisdiction at the bottom of their home page.

The same information could also be found within a casino’s Terms and Conditions, or on their ‘About Us’ page, or, in their Privacy Policy.

Be advised to stay alert if an online casino doesn’t make this information immediately visible, or, at least easy to find.

Or, if a casino displays inconsistent information, players should be extra careful, as these are usually the untrustworthy online casinos.

Licensing jurisdictions, which are currently the most common include Malta, Curacao/Netherlands Antilles, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Kahnawake and Costa Rica.

Players do need to take into account that, these countries’ legal regimes regarding online gaming operations are not the same from country to country. 

Gambling Tips – Terms and Conditions

For an online casino to show that they have a transparent policy, regarding how they gather, use and process personal and financial information, they should post a page which clearly shows all their Terms and Conditions.

They should also have their Privacy Policy displayed on another page.

Personal information in licensed casinos, should only seen by the relevant staff, and, should never be shared with any third parties.

We recommend that all players check each casino’s distinct privacy policy, as well as any additional information on the payment methods accepted.

In this way they will learn how that specific casino operates.

Do players from specific countries have restrictions on what they can and can’t play, or indeed, how they can and can’t pay?

If they do, what are those restrictions?

‘’Knowledge is freedom’’ they say. So, go read all the small print, to check you’re safe, and then, the online casino gaming world is your oyster! 

Gambling Tips – Safety

For you to be safe, it’s vital that online casinos join forces with trustworthy, steady and certified, software providers.

You see, games are offered directly by games developers, and, are not the property of the casinos themselves.

Looking for providers like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming and RTG, for example, is a pretty good way to spot a good online casino.

Why is this the case?

It’s simply because their software is tested by independent third-party auditing systems, which are essential to prove that all software offered is fair and safe for players.

There are two third-party entities which are most commonly engaged in these kinds of activities.

These are eCOGRA and TST Labs (Technical Systems Testing Labs).

Focused on processing software checks, they ensure that all games’ pay-outs are fair and fully compliant with all international gaming standards.

Casinos which use these services, ought to have a seal of approval or visible certification from TST Labs or ECOGRA, and they should have a link at the bottom of their Home Page.


Gambling Tips Look for the Best Casino Bonuses to Boost Your Bankroll

Bank Roll

There is a massive range of brilliant Bonus Offers and picture-perfect Promotions being offered out to players, by online casinos, and on the whole, they begin the moment a player signs up.

They are usually in the form of Cash Match Deposit Bonuses or Free Spins Bonuses.

These Bonuses are gifted to players after they have met particular Bonus based terms, which usually require a player to make a deposit and play at the casino in question.

It should be noted that the Bonuses and Promotions policy of each online casino is important in terms of safety.

Of course, well-regulated, legal casinos offer Bonuses all the time, but, if they offer too many Bonuses, or, those Bonuses being offered are that little bit too high, then players should take a little extra care.


Just in case they are too good to actually be true, of course.

Often unregulated online casinos offer Bonuses which are too large, or, Bonuses that don’t require a player to meet any of the normal conditions in order for them to get their Bonus.

These dodgy casinos then make it nigh on impossible for players to withdraw any of their winnings.

This is why players need to be careful when signing up with unknown online casinos. 

Gambling Tips Choose Your Own Casino Games

The casino Games are obviously THE most important part of any online casinos armoury.

So, it’s essential for players to pick an online casino which offers good, top-quality casino Games so that they have the best possible Gaming experience.

Most online casinos offer the same “basic” list of Games.

This usually includes a choice of Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Craps.

Video Slots are the game that usually make a casino stand out, especially popular, well branded, secure web-based ones.

This type of Game has become easily the most popular in online gaming, this is chiefly due to the huge choice which online casinos have to offer.

Indeed, it is not uncommon nowadays for online casinos to offer somewhere between 100 and a 1000 different Slot machines!

Gambling Tips – Finding the best payment options

All personal information used by players has to be totally secured by an online casino.

The majority of good online casinos today use special SSL and TLS technology protection across all the pages on their sites.

These are a type of digital encryption which allows players to play and make cash transactions in a very safe and secure environment.

It is good to be aware that genuine, secure and trustworthy online casinos usually process a player’s deposits and withdrawals a lot quicker than rogue casinos, or, casinos which have problems with security.

Safe online casinos only offer well-trusted online payment methods.

These are all used in a huge variety of online shops and on other websites where you can buy or order items and services.

The safest know deposit methods for online casino players, are the credit and debit cards: Visa Card, MasterCard and American Express.

Other good safe options include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Eco Card, Ukash, ClickandBuy, iDeal, Giropay, Postepay, and regular wire transfers. 

How do we rate the top online gambling sites?

There are many things we consider when we’re putting together a list, particularly when it comes to deciding how to order featured brands.

Here are some of the most important ones:


  • Bonuses

Each and every online casino will at some point offer you a Bonus to try and tempt you in with.

We break them down into understandable chunks for you and we compare them, so, you’ll be sure of what to expect as and when you make a deposit.

This enables you to see how each online casino compares against one another.

  • Game Variety

Casinos, just like their players, are all different and will all focus and thrive on different types of Game.

Many, these days, are heavily focused on Video Slots, whereas others, are known for their amazing Live Casino packages.

But, what do we do?

Well, we go ahead and do our research, and then we rank each casino based on the numbers of available Games, diversity of their offerings, and ease of use.

  • Support

Being aware that there is someone there on the other end of the Phone line or at the end of a Live Chat is incredibly important to players of all levels, and, for high stake players this need gets doubled.

So, an important part of how we work out our ratings of an online casino, is based on the speed, manner and efficiency of their support team.

  • Software and Graphics

What software an online casino uses will heavily affect your gaming enjoyment.

So, using the wealth of our combined industry experience, we focus on gameplay, accessibility, ease of use, loading times, visuals, and, of course reliability.

We then use this information to review and compare each casino.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals

Our rankings in this field are based on the ease of use of each online casino’s cashier and possibly more importantly on the variety and trustworthiness of all the options which a casino offers. 


It is incredibly important that every time you play at an online casino, you remember why you are doing it.

Sure, we all understand that it would be amazing to hit that big win, and some of the lucky one will!

But THE most important thing to remember is that, first and foremost, you’re playing to have fun!

Sure, you do need to initially be careful when choosing an online casino.

After that though, remember that this experience is not an exam, and your whole life, in no way depends on the next move you make.

Give yourself time to enjoy the experience, and to learn what your gaming preferences are, and you are sure to have a wonderful time playing.

Enjoy every step of the journey and understand that, as with so much in life, the destination is in fact the journey its self, and all the things which you learn upon that journey.

So, remember to ease off the pressure which you tend to pile upon yourself, and to just let your hair down and enjoy some amazing casino games!

Don’t miss out on the adventure, go sign up at one of our awesome online casinos today!