Online Gambling – The Many Benefits!

Online Casinos – What are the Benefits of Playing Online?

Online Gambling is now well set on becoming one of the most popular extra-curricular activities in the world.

A firm favourite with literally millions of people from all over the globe, online gambling has become a preferred choice to those seeking safe, reliable entertainment from the comfort of their own home.

The luxury of being able to simply dip in and out at any time, whether it’s Video Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, or any other game to be found on the casino floor, is tempting in its self.

To be able to do so, whilst still retaining the freedom to play for real cash or just for fun, all whilst still managing to get all the daily chores done, is awesome!

And it’s something that hasn’t been missed on those in the know.

Even those who’ve never played before can easily try out an online casino, without having to make any grand commitment to a particular site or game.

Indeed, in many cases, players can do this without even having to make a deposit!

It’s a great business model, that benefits both he players and the casinos, but how does it work?

Stay with us, as we go through some of the main things which attract people to the world of online gaming.

Here are what we believe are the Top 10 reasons which put online casinos ahead of any of the real-world competition.

No 1: You Can Play Anywhere and at Anytime


As we’ve already mentioned, the sheer convenience of picking where and when to play, is by far one of the most alluring things about any online gaming site.

Whether you’re relaxing at home, waiting for someone in the car; or relaxing on the beach, you can just dip in and out as you please.

In today’s mobile crazy world, mobile phones, tablet computers and laptops, make convenience even more significant because you can now log on to your online casino of choice from anywhere you like!

If you use the Flash version of an online casino on your mobile device, it’s even easier to ‘nip out’, or, stay in, during your office break, to go and spin a few reels, or, play a few hands.

Indeed, the appliance of science has brought something once confined to specific venues, with inconvenient closing times, full of potentially awful other people, all under your own personal control.

The future is here with players dictating when, where and what they want to play.

No 2, Wonder Filled Welcome Bonuses


When you sign up as a new player at an online casino and make a deposit, 99.9% of the time there are wicked Welcome Bonuses available to reward you for doing so.

These amazing and often very generous Welcome Bonuses can range massively in size between one online casino and the next.

This means that it is well worth keeping a look out for particularly good ones.

You won’t find Bonuses like this at brick and mortar casinos.

So, with potentially thousands of pounds worth of Match Bonus Cash, and, the possibility of hundreds of Free Spins up for grabs, you’d be a bit bonkers not to be at least a little interested.

A brilliant way to build your initial bankroll, with a fairly minimal financial contribution, can give a player just the advantage they need to hit that big win.

No 3, A Massive Selection of Amazing Games

In this department there is simply no competition from land-based casinos, as though they do offer a fairly good variety of games, they can’t even come close to being able to offer the epic levels of choice which today’s online casinos can.

A huge swath of today’s online casinos offer a great numbers of fantastic games, easily going up into the hundreds and sometimes even offering over a thousand for you to choose between.

Amongst these games you’ll find oodles of awesome Video Slots of all kinds, as well as several versions of: Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Keno, and many, many others.

What a wonder it is to be given the opportunity to play from such an abundant source of amazing games, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

No need to dress up and travel cross country to check out what games are available to you.

No having to settle for second best, simply because there wasn’t enough room to add another physical machine to the collection.

And – If having an awesome Live Casino experience, is on your bucket list, then you can have a go at playing some Live Dealer Games.

Dealing games via live webcam, these dealers, who on the whole are rather eye-catching women, offer a fabulous real feel opportunity to play and possibly win.

And – You get to do this from home, whilst still being surrounded by all the atmosphere of a real casino.

Players can opt for the brand-new versions of Video Slot Machine Games, or, they can delight in some of the older three-reel, or, five-reel machines.

With a choice of so many you’re sure to never get bored either. 


No 4, You Can Even Enjoy Free Games

Another great benefit of playing on online casinos is that you can also play games for free, in their ‘Free Play’ mode.

In today’s market the majority of web-based casinos offer a Free Play version of their games for players to play and enjoy with no financial obligation at all.

Playing for free allows you to brush up on your skills, to learn all the ins and outs of new games, and, to just experiment and play, and all at no cost!

Playing in ‘Free Play’ or ‘Demo Mode’ is a perfect way to implement and perfect the strategies which some are generous enough to offer.

So, whether you’re more advanced, or, your playing skills are on the more basic end, ‘Free Play’ sites are the place to go, before you deposit any of your hard-earned cash on the real-money casino.

No such offer can be seen at land-based casinos, where you will have to pay to play, every spin, every hand, every time.

There is no doubt that through practicing for free, your odds of winning increase, as you learn all the little tricks and quirks within the games you play.

So, go take advantage of this fantastic facility today and play some awesome free games!

No 5, Pick Whatever Stake Level You Like

Online casinos will literally let you play with as much, or, as little, as you want.

How is this possible?

Well, at online casinos you get to choose to play either in free-play or demo mode: for-free.

Or, you can play for as little as a few cents or, for as much as $1000 per spin whilst playing slots machines.

This means that players can start low and raise their bets as and when they feel more comfortable.

Or, of course, when they’re hitting that great big win!

On the other hand, brick-and-mortar casinos habitually set minimum limits.

Well, they have to, in order to cover all the overheads and pay all the edges wages. 

No.6, Earn Player Points or Loyalty Points Whilst You Play

Many online casinos gift players with points for playing at their casino.

These player points accumulate pretty quickly, when you get them for every spin of the Video Slot, and, for each hand you play.

These ace points can be used on the website, of the online casino who gave you them.

There you can exchange them for things like Extra Games, Free Spins, Bonus Cash and other benefits.

We feel that we should note here that some live, land-based casinos also offer Loyalty Points.

But, these can take a long, arduous time to accumulate, especially when compared to the super quick point processes which you’ll find at internet casinos.

Once earned, these points are yours!

AND – The majority of online casinos allow you to cash them in, either for their value in Cash, or, for prizes in their online store, at which they offer all sorts, from cool electronics and gadgets to tournament entries.

You’ll get more reward points the more you play, so don’t miss out, go sign up and get playing and earning your points today!

No.7, A Wide Variety of Deposit and Withdrawal Options

To play at land-based casinos, you will be required to have cash readily available to enjoy any of their establishment’s games.

In contrast to this, online casinos will offer numerous options to you, with which you can fund your account, in the best way to suit your needs.

Online casinos usually offer a good large number of payment methods to their players.

Some of these well-trusted providers even offer Bonuses just for choosing to use their service over any of the others.

You get to choose between Credit Card, Debit Card, or a number of other options to fund your account with.

For direct funding you can try out using Electronic Checks, there are also many, many other options meaning that in general, at good online casinos, you’ll find a huge variety of choice in this department.

No.8, Play in Comfort or Dress to Impress


A priceless part, for some, of playing from an online casino, is simply being able to dress up or dress down as you please.

So, by all means, get dressed up to the nines, and strut about your home feeling glam between spins.

Or, alternatively, chill out and take ‘relaxed playing’ to a whole new level, whilst cosied up in bed, wearing your comfiest Pjs.

No.9, Save Cash


Apart from the lucky few, the majority of people don’t live just around the corner from a luxurious land-based casino.

This means, that at least some money will need to be spent just to get you there.

When you consider the fuel costs and parking charges, or the cost of other forms of transportation, or the price you might end up having to pay a valet to park your vehicle, it’s pretty obvious that money is being saved straight away by online casino players.

Then, when you consider the possible extra costs, which the risk of accidents, or, damage to your vehicle occurring carry, this is even more clear.

There is also the added bonus that you won’t have to take any worrisome walks, whilst carrying great wads of cash winnings.

In other words, you can play fantastic casino games online from home, or work, or anywhere else you fancy, without having to even think about traveling to, or from, the venue.

You can do all this whilst feeling totally secure in the knowledge that your winnings are being stored safely in your online account. 

No.10 Play Globally

Having the, once unheard of, opportunity to contend with players from all over the world, is surely something to be both aware and grateful for.

Poker players, for example, are just as likely to find themselves playing with people from Asia, Europe and South America, as they are to be playing against players from closer to home.

A unique opportunity, some would say, to observe how people from other cultures play and to learn the games, through more than just your eyes.

These days there are lots of different ways to play too.

You play solo, or set up games with friends or relatives, even if they are the other side of the world from you, or, various other things

Being able to play online internationally, gaming online in an entirely new way, is another great perk of online playing.


Today, there are millions of players who have worked out the benefits of playing online.

These players, in their abundant numbers, log on and play at online casinos on a daily basis, for one, or more, of the reasons mentioned above.

Be it the freedom to play from wherever you like, whenever you like, whilst wearing whatever you like, or, any number of other reasons, take a good look into playing online.