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Why Mobile Casino has come of age: A Guide


What’s changed?

The last few years have seen a revolution in the capabilities and processing power of mobile phones, and tablets, making them the primary way most people access the internet in the world today.

At the same time, online mobile casinos have made their games more accessible.

Often even dispensing with the need to download any additional software and making their sites easily available through a web-browser.

As a result some of the more powerful mobiles have been able to access these sites without the need for optimisation for mobile.

With the advent of the mobile revolution, online casinos developed mobile app versions for many of their games, to herald in the new era!

Whilst also ensuring that players have every opportunity to access their preferred games.

Popular games like Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker remain firm favourites in the mobile gaming community.

Providers even often offer free Practice Games, alongside their Real Money Casino Games for serious players.


Why Choose an App?

One of the main attractions to mobile casino gaming is the ability to play anywhere at any time.

This is something mobile network providers are facilitating too, by increasing the amount of data available over the airwaves.

The move from 3G to 4G, and soon, the highly anticipated 5G has meant that the graphics and choice of games have improved exponentially.

It has also meant that the differences between gameplay whether on mobile browser, via app or at a desktop computer is reaching a convergence in terms of quality.

Another new option that has emerged from the integration of mobile and computer technology, is the ability to uses your mobile phone as if it’s a credit card to make deposits.

What this means is that many network providers and online mobile casinos now offer the option to take the deposit by adding the amount to your phone bill.

Usually you simply need to provide your phone number and the deposit amount will appear on your bill as if you’d made a phone call of the same value.

The option for mobile phone deposits is available to both Pay as You Go and Mobile Contract players.

With Pay as You Go, provided you have sufficient credit available then this means that your payment will be taken from your phone credit, again, as if you’d made a call.

For those on a mobile contract then the cost of the payment will be added to your monthly bill. 

Some Pros and Cons…

Playing using a mobile phone is available on virtually all the major platforms, whether you favour Apple, Android or Windows.

Sadly of the three, accessing mobile gaming apps via an iPhone can have its challenges with users needing to go through iTunes or the Apple Store to install any apps.

Apple will also bar any real money gambling apps in a jurisdiction that forbids gambling.

Although a benefit of this is that it helps ensure players remain within the law, it does potentially limit the choice of casinos by restricting the play to those available in the app store.

In contrast Android and Windows Mobile allow devices to install online casino apps direct from their website.

In this respect an Android phone user will have more choice as there are a greater number of users on the platform and casinos are more likely to favour developing an android app than one for Windows Mobile.

Similarly, old Blackberry users have a very limited choice and fewer sites off blackberry apps as an option.

However, Blackberry’s move to android will mean any new users will have the excellent choice apps available from Google.

Advances in computer programming have meant that developers are more easily able to translate, and adapt, some of the best loved games from the desktop into the mobile format.

The immense computing power available on mobile phones means that players still get to enjoy tip-top graphics and features from the convenience of their palm.

One thing that has been particularly impressive from the development side of mobile casinos, is the wide range of Table Games, Video Slots, and Video Poker Games, now available.

Although, though the range of games available is good, there is still a little work to go before number of games available in each genre is on a par with desktop games.

This can mean as few as 20 Video Slots and 10 Table Games per site, in some cases, which to be fair is still a reasonable choice of gameplay.

The visuals are often quite impressive by smartphone standards, with most slots games being particularly well designed.

Casino classics like Roulette or Blackjack are always in good supply and gameplay is usually smooth and fast-paced across all platforms, meaning the experience rarely fails to deliver.

One drawback has been that many online casino apps won’t give you access to their all of their banking options.

Whilst this is in part negated by the availability of mobile payment, there are still a large number of sites that require you to have to visit the desktop-optimized section of the site to make a deposit or withdrawal.

That said, mobile casino apps often allow sign up through them, however, completing membership forms may be more irksome if typing everything out on a relatively small screen keyboard.

Another great leveller is that mobile casino sites also allow you to benefit from the same bonuses and offers available to desktop users.

In fact some online casino sites offer additional or exclusive offers and promotions meaning that the rewards for mobile casino players can often outweigh those of desktop players.

Cross platform excellence.

One of the holy grails of anyone who hosts or uses a website, is to experience a convergence of usability across the diaspora of platforms.

With more than half of all web traffic coming from mobile platforms, there is real incentive to ensure that players can access their favourite games from their device of choice.

For some this is simply the ability to access the desktop version of a site through a mobile.

Some sites do lend well to the smaller screen, however optimisation for mobile always means for a more seamless experience.

Thankfully the choice of platform offered by online casinos is increasing, as are the variety of games, so switching between desktop or mobile, windows or android becomes easier and allows for a more tailored service for players.

Generally speaking most smartphone and tablet games are on par with their PC and Mac cousins.

The obvious distinctions remain a challenge for those designers tasked with matching player experience across platforms.

The small 5″ or 7″ screen of many tablets and phones as well as the adaptation of some game features often results in a more sparsely decorated environment.

For some, the streamlined aesthetics can be welcome, however, this rationing of visual treats is unlikely to last, as ever increasing computing power finds its way into handheld devices and designers become more adventurous.

Growing number of users on mobile devices.


As we’ve already mentioned, over half of the web traffic is generated by mobile users and as their use has developed, so too has the world of mobile games.

Mobile-optimized casino games now deliver HD graphics meaning the trend of players migrating to mobile devices is sure to continue.

Although it’s not unusual to find a smaller number of table games and slots when you load your mobile app, the number is only small in comparison to the much larger PC-based casinos who have hundreds of games.

However, fewer games has not meant fewer players, neither has the smaller screens with an increase in people preferring to play on their mobile.

By way of example, the majority of players form the UK, bring their smartphone or tablet everywhere, and, are able to make use of mobile gaming, with the convenience of enjoying brief or discrete sessions and even play discretely.

How to Play Mobile Casino Games

We’ve mentioned that online casinos have improved the availability of apps to access their games but increasingly games can be played without an app.

Instead they may be played with real-cash deposits, made by logging in using your mobile web browser.

It’s as simple as that. Find a casino with mobile gaming options, and follow their instructions to get started.

Some casinos will offer to text you some instructions to get started, so, whether you’re downloading an app, or, just using a modified version of their desktop site, then the choice is yours to explore the games on offer and how you want to access them.


Everyone with half an ounce of sense knows that security is an important thing.

Especially when dealing with personal details and financial transactions.

This however, does not mean that any of us want to dwell on that subject any longer than we have to.

What we do want is to be safeguarded and assured, that we will be taken care of, by professional people, responsibly providing a service.

To help ensure you get the best, most secure and rewarding Mobile Casino experience, here are a few useful security tips for mobile casino players:

  • Before signing up and handing over personal information, first confirm that the mobile casino is both certified, by a gaming authority, and that it’s audited for compliance regularly.
  • Keep an eye out for encouraging player reviews, describing their wonderful, play filled experiences.
  • It’s also important to remember to play over a secure and private WiFi connection every time. Never risk using public WiFi when transferring personal information or playing for real money.

These measures ensure that you can place bets, on your favourite games, in a safe and secure way and that you can take them with you and play anywhere you like whilst on the go.

Safety and security in this field of mobile gaming will vary between one online casino and the next and will vary considerably between different mobile gambling apps.

Keep an eye out for factors like encryption, withdraw and deposit protection and proper licenses.

Also, check to see if they have regularly scheduled 3rd party game software audits, of whichever Random Number Generators (RNG) was used, during all live gameplay on their site.


When it comes to viruses and malware, mobile phones should be treated in the same way as computers.

To help beef up your security, when playing games via the browser you can install apps like Avast.

Online Casino Sites should also be providing all their players with the best SSL security to protect all their login details and other sensitive information.

You could also look out for the eCOGRA or GLI logos, which show that a mobile casino’s game random number generator has been audited by an independent party recently.

There are many, many, things put into place to ensure your safety whilst playing mobile casino, but none of them can be a replacement for a touch of good old fashioned common sense.

So, take a minute or two to have a look around and check that everything is in order before you play.

That way you get to see more of what they have to offer, as well as being able to see anything which may seem a little ‘off’.

Follow your nose, intuition and good judgement, and follow out tips and you should be good to go and have some good fun!


According to gambling market trends, the gambling apps market is the fastest growing in the sector.

We’re confident that this sector will continue to outgrow the market, at least until the next big technological advance.

With literally thousands of world class Video Slots and Table Games available to play right now, and it won’t matter if you’re using the latest Android tablet or Apple smartphone, you are sure to be just as entertained either way!

Online gambling has never been as accessible or exciting as it is today.

And – Though we’re not 100% about playing roulette on a postage stamp sized screen, there’s little doubt that the merits of mobile gaming are many, and if you’re still not convinced – then go and have a go – and we’re sure you’ll come around!