Slots are played by many people around the globe and although the subject of strategy in slots is debatable, there are some tips and tricks that will definitely better your chances of winning.


This is one of the easiest and best strategies. Choose slot machines that suits your bankroll and budget because the higher your bets are in comparison to your budget, the quicker you bankroll will be depleted. It is sad but true that many players gets burnt out early because they become arrogant and take unnecessary risks.


When playing slots, there are only two decisions you need to make:

  • The worth of the coin
  • The amount of coins you bet

Most players think that a coin that is worth $1 is the same as 4 coins that is worth $0.25. Although it makes mathematical sense, you will have a better chance of winning when you bet 4 x $0.025 because you’ve then physically multiplied your odds.


Most multi-line/multi-coin slots are straight multipliers. This means that there is no bonus for playing more coins so the number of coins betted on a line and the number of lines played do not effect the pay-back. So, this means that if you spread out your bets over more pay-lines you introduce more ways to win a portion of your bet. The more pay lines you play the lower the volatility and that means the better your chances of winning.

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