There are not many things more glorious than having a winner. Whether it’s the roulette ball landing on your number, the blackjack dealer turning over a ten for them to bust or your horse winning in a photo finish like Tiger Roll in the Grand National.

How to win on online casinos

You’re showing discipline, your head’s ruling your heart and you’re betting within your means. It’s a test of your nerve and judgement and being proved right is something nobody can take away from you. Almost as good as the win is the excitement and adrenaline you get as you hope for the result to go your way, like those stomach churning seconds before the rollercoaster goes over the top.

In the casino you have the intake of breath and the silent prayer to the gambling gods in the brief time it takes for your roulette or blackjack bet to come in. At the bookmakers you have the wait and anticipation until your race goes off and the hope that your horse gets a good start, jumps well and stays the course. An exquisite mix of pleasure and pain, and that’s before you get to the financial benefits!

Bet small, Win big

A win is a win no matter what the size so take pride in your victory. Yes they can be life changing for some but you can still take pleasure from more modest victories, such as getting a takeaway for the family or a night out with friends, all without spending a penny of your own cash! The big win is more elusive but it happens to someone every day so why not you?

It’s possible that your favourite roulette number could come in a few times in a row, all the teams in your accumulator could win at the weekend or you could predict the first 3 in the next at Aintree. The stakes don’t need to be high. These things do happen and as you watch your blood will be pumping and your stomach fluttering as you work out in your head what you’re going to spend your profits on!

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